• Discover Brisbanes local food scene

    Discover where to buy fresh noodles, the freshest of fresh herbs, jars of flavor, blackened chicken and crispy roasted pork belly. Come Taste Trekking in and around Brisbane to find out where the chefs shop.

  • Bite size books for dinner parties at home

    Grab a dinner party download for a fun night at home. Get your menu, recipes, shopping list, prep schedule, decoration suggestions and music downloads - all you need to start cooking up a storm.

  • Taste Trek to Far away places

    Come Taste Trekking with us to Japan, Sicily, Spain, Vietnam and France. Travel with other like minded food folk and enjoy meeting the people and discovering new places.

  • Learn It.

    Learn it..at home, your home! Tune into TT-TV and learn some hot tips, new tricks, great ready to go products. From beginners to those that know a thing or two...classes for everyone.

  • Discover Brisbanes local food scene
  • Bite size books for dinner parties at home
  • Taste Trek to Far away places

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  • TT-TV...
    cook with taste trekkers at home.

    Learn to cook and travel the world from your own kitchen! Tune into TT-TV and get hot tips, easy cooking techniques and tasty ideas for entertaining and dinner. Travel with us to far flung places and meet the clever cooks and discover terrific tasty morsels with us. > More Info

  • Bite size menus
    Impress your
    dinner guests!

    Entertaining made simple Get the menu, the shopping list, the prep schedule, the table set-up, the vibe and the music playlist. > More Info

  • Japan

    Travel with Sally from taste Trekkers and explore the food & characters of Japan and the Southern Island of Kyushu. > More Info